Block any website without using any software on your PC

1)     First of all go to Drive C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc

2)     Find the file named “Hosts”

3)     Copy “Hosts” file to the desktop and open it in notepad

4)     Now, go to the bottom of the file and if you want to block YouTube on your PC then type

On the bottom of the file 

 5)     After writing this line save the file

6)     Now copy “Hosts” file from the desktop and paste it in 


7)  When you are copying the file, you will get an error that the file already exist, you just need to simply replace the file.

8)   Now you are done! Just go to your web browser and enter the blocked website URL in address bar, you will see   the message that Website not available.

You can also block more than one website in your PC, for example if you want to block Facebook, YouTube, and twitter on your PC then write below code in “Hosts” file

Note: Windows will not give permission to edit “Hosts” file, for the solution of this problem you have to first copy that “Hosts” file somewhere on your PC, after copying “Hosts” file simply edit the file and after that replace the “Hosts” file in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc

Don’t forget to save first the Hosts file in some folder for backup if anything goes wrong or if you find any difficulty or error in above steps.