Basic Selenium Commands

Below are some basic commands of selenium which you can try and use while writing your script for automation of any website. If you face any problem, you can raise your query by completing the form available at Contact Us page:

  1. driver.get(""); To open an application
  2. driver.findElement("passwd-id")); Finding Element using Id
  3. driver.findElement("passwd")); Finding Element using Name
  4. driver.findElement(By.xpath("//input[@id=’passwd-id’]")); Finding Element using Xpath
  5. element.sendKeys("some text"); To type some data
  6. element.clear(); clear thecontents of a text field or textarea
  7. driver.findElement(By.xpath("//select")); Selecting the value
  8. select.findElements(By.tagName("option")); Selecting the value
  9. select.deselectAll(); This will deselect all OPTIONs from the first SELECT on the page
  10. select.selectByVisibleText("Edam"); select the OPTION withthe displayed text of “Edam”
  11. findElement("submit")).click(); To click on Any button/Link
  12. driver.switchTo().window("windowName"); Moving from one window to another window
  13. driver.switchTo().frame("frameName"); swing from frame to frame (or into iframes)
  14. driver.switchTo().frame("frameName.0.child"); to access subframes by separating the path with a dot, and you can specify the frame by itsindex too.
  15. driver.switchTo().alert(); Handling Alerts
  16. driver.navigate().to(""); To Navigate Paeticular URL
  17. driver.navigate().forward(); To Navigate Forward
  18. driver.navigate().back(); To Navigate Backword
  19. driver.close(); Closes the current window
  20. driver.quit(); Quits the driver and closes every associated window.
  21. driver.switch_to_alert(); Switches focus to an alert on the page.
  22. driver.refresh(); Refreshes the current page.
  23. webdriver.manage().window().setPosition(new Point(-2000, 0); to minimize browser window